About us

Ubuntu Wine Traders is an export company established in 2022, after the closure of their highly successful seafood restaurant and Wine Bar, Panama Jacks during the COVID period.

Ubuntu Wine Traders represents their own brand of wines UBUNTU RANGE as well as carefully selected boutique wines and brandies from recognised wine farms sourced from the Western Cape.  They specialize in a variety of wines and spirits across all price ranges.

Ubuntu Wine Traders sommelier, Gavin Pittaway, has over 26 years of success, building up brands and wine selections, from his years of experience at Panama Jacks. 

Panama Jacks has been the recipient of the DINERS CLUB INTERNATIONAL WINE AWARDS, achieving top honours PLATINUM AND DIAMOND, eight years in succession.  He has used his knowledge of the wine industry to help create and develop brands as well as drive sales for the wine estates.

His passion for wine has taken him to the USA where he spent 2 months travelling from the East Coast to the West Coast.  Here he opened up new markets and secured sales for the wine estates.